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Public Verdict
Communication strategy consulting
Crowdfunding website design
Protect yourself product website
Team 29
Website The Right to Know redesign
Media design
RosOtvet service design
Communication strategy
Crowdfunding strategy
Russia LGBT network
Online chat service redesign
Crowfunding Website design
Horizontal Russia. 7×7 magazine
Media redesign
Design consulting
Teplitsa of social technologies
The donation Wordpress plugin "Leika" redesign
Articles and events
Women of Don Union
Communication Strategy
Redesign of Online public reception
Center for Curative Pedagogics
Crowdfunding website
Crowdfunding campaign planning
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Natalya Taubina
Public Verdict
but, importantly, it's a team of caring people, whose eyes are burning, the atmosphere in organization is important, and it gives a drive in work. Having finished the first stage, we here we decided to continue.

Evgenia Manina
Russian LGBT network
When there is a small amount (≈ 1000 €), you can buy a website template and fill it yourself. But not the fact that it will turn out well and since it was originally intended. And you have an individual approach and modern technology.

Daria Sukhih
Team 29
The key to success is small changes that are easy to implement in the practice of everyday work. They immediately give the result. BC takes the organization for hand, leads to a bright future, helping to see yourself with determine priorities.
We work in Russia, Prague and CIS countries remotely or visit personally.
Olga Muzika
Andrey Misyurev